Various areas within Childrey Village are defined as ‘Village Green’. By way of background, the definition of a town or village green (TVG) in Section 22(1) of the Commons Registrations Act 1965 was “land…on which the inhabitants of any locality have indulged in such sports and pastimes as of right for not less than twenty years.”  These areas were legally registered as such in the late 1960s and early 1970s [vague but Debbie can look up exact dates] and the Clerk holds a map of them which we hope soon will be downloadable from the new website. These areas include the pond and its surroundings, the grass areas around the Reading Rooms and many of the verges throughout the Village.

The Parish Council is responsible for ensuring that these areas are maintained, including cutting the grass and looking after the trees and that they are kept available for the enjoyment of the Village. We regularly have to remind residents adjacent to these areas that they do come with the pleasure of open space, but also some restrictions.  For example, you are not able to have vehicular access across them and they should not be used for parking. You cannot enclose them and thereby prevent access.  This applies whether the green is privately or publically owned.  Generally it is an offence under Section 12 of the Inclosure Act to do anything that damages or encroaches on a green.  We will continue with these light touch reminders but the Open Spaces Society website (www. reminds us that, Under section 29 of the Commons Act 1876, together with section 12 of the Inclosure Act 1857, a person who:

1. encroaches on, or encloses a town or village green or a recreation ground allotted by an inclosure award, or

2. erects anything on, disturbs or interferes with that green or ground otherwise than for its better enjoyment for its proper purpose

3. may, on the information of any inhabitant of the parish in which the green is situated, be summarily convicted by the magistrates’ court and fined at level 1 on the standard scale. 

Help us maintain these areas and please do not park or drive on them.