It is probable that there have been settlements in the parish of Childrey for 3,000 years, but the first evidence of occupation near the village is in Roman times. This was followed by a Saxon settlement and the name Childrey has Saxon origins. A potted history of events in the village and how they relate to the wider events in the country as a whole are listed in the table below.

You can find a full history of the village in the book, Childrey: a village in the Vale of White Horse, written by June Maxwell Drummond in 1989 and updated in 2003 by a group of villagers. (see Village Book). There are some excellent pictures of the Villages taken around a hundred years ago on the English Heritage Web Site. Click here

There is also an excellent history source here

History of Childrey Timeline

Date National events Childrey events Date 
Childrey given to Cilla 632
Bequest to Childrey Church 995
1086 Domesday Book compiled
Present Church building started 1207
Transepts added to Church 1325
Frethorne chantry consecrated 1325
1348–9 The Black Death
Fynderne brass 1444
Wm Fettyplace moved to Rampanes Manor 1480
1509 Accession of Henry VIII Fettyplace School opened 1515
Muster Roll compiled 1522
Fettyplace chantry consecrated 1526
Death of Wm Fettyplace 1528
First almsmen appointed 1528
1536-9 Dissolution of monasteries
1547 Accession of Edward VI
1547 Chantries abolished
1553 Accession of Mary Tudor
1558 Accession of Elizabeth I Church Registers start in Childrey 1558
1601 Poor Law Act Corpus Christi College buys advowson 1607
1625 Accession of Charles I Subsidy Roll 1628
1642 Civil War started
1644 King’s Council at Oxford Charles I spent a night in Childrey 1644
Cedar of Lebanon planted at Rectory 1646
1649 King surrenders
1649-61 Commonwealth King’s arms erected in Church 1661
1665 Plague
1666 Fire of London Quaker Meeting at Penn House 1673-5
1678 St Paul’s rebuilt
The Crown’ opened for business 1708
New Boys School built 1732
Smallpox epidemic 1741
1761 Rocque’s map of Berkshire
Church Clock installed 1763
1772 Inclosure Act passed Inclosure Award allotments made 1775
Wantage-Faringdon turnpike opened 1792
1795-1815 Napoleonic Wars Small pox epidemic 1802
First Methodist service 1809
Canal opened 1810
1835 Accession of Queen Victoria Railway station opened 1840
1841 First detailed Census Girls School built 1840
Methodist Chapel dedicated 1849
Methodist School opened 1855
Primitive Methodist Chapel built 1857
Almshouses rebu8ilt by Queens’ College 1867
1870 Forster’s Education Act First Parish Council meeting 1894
1897 Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Reading Room built 1896
Coventry Almshouses built 1912
Schools moved to West Street 1913
1914-18 World War I War Memorial erected 1920
Methodists united 1934
1939-45 World War II Evacuees arrived 1939
1952 Accession of Queen Elizabeth II
‘Childrey: a village in the Vale of White Horse’ written by June Maxwell Drummond first published 1989
2000 New Millennium celebrations Childrey school extended 2000
Childrey War Memorial re-dedicationChildrey Millennium sign erected 2001
2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Childrey Jubilee celebrations 2002
Childrey book republished 2003
Church bells repaired and increased from 6  to 8 bell tower and roof repaired – new steel work put in to support the extra bells 2005
Pond renovated and replanted 2006
Further, major roof repairs due to be carried out 2007

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