• 26 NOV 18

    The Changing Face of Childrey Exhibition – Friday 18th and Saturday 19th January 2019 hosted by Childrey & Sparsholt WI

    The Changing Face of Childrey
    A slideshow and exhibition of old photos
    Open between
    Friday 18th January (6.30pm – 9.30pm), and
    Saturday 19th January 2019 (09.30am – 12.30pm)
    at Childrey Village Hall
    Please pop in any time to see this fascinating display.
    It’s a celebration of Childrey’s past and present
    Can you recognise your house or the you live in as it was a century ago?
    Do you know any of the people shown in the photos?
    Bring along your photos to share.
    Entrance free – hosted by Childrey and Sparsholt WI as a celebration
    of our history. Refreshments available

    • 29 JUN 17

    Hatchet – change of use application

    The council has received a planning application, reference P17/V1314/FUL, for development work at the following location: Hatchet Inn, Childrey, Wantage.

    The application is for: Change of use from Public House (Class A4) to Residential dwelling (Class C3).

    You can see the details of the application by clicking here.

    • 31 JAN 17

    New Friday Bus Service

    The UBW Community Bus will run an extra route into Wantage on a trial basis starting on Friday 3rd February.  It will leave Childrey Village Hall at 1.30pm on Fridays and return from Sainsburys car park at 3.30pm.  To use this service you must register by telephoning John Hatcher on 01367 820417.  Once registered you can book your seat by once again telephoning John Hatcher to ensure that the driver knows to pick you up.  Please help support this service by either using it or volunteering to become a driver.  The driver age range is 18 to mid 70’s.