• 13 JUL 21

    A villager has suggested this for Childrey and we are attempting to gauge the view of residents. You may have seen the old red phone boxes in Sparsholt and Bishopstone that have been changed into Libraries. These red phone boxes were purchased from BT for just £1 in the era when they were being decommissioned. Unfortunately, Childrey does not currently have a red phone box and so the funding of the actual red phone box, concrete base, installation, electricity and maintenance costs would all have to be found from the village precept which is included in your council tax. We estimate that the cost per household would initially increase the precept portion of your council tax by approx. 40% unless sufficient funds are donated. Before undergoing feasibility assessments, we would like to know:

    Name: Address:

    Q1. Would you use it?

    Q2. How many times per month?

    Q3. Would you bring books?

    Q4. Would you borrow books?

    Q5. Where do you currently get your books from?………………….

    Please print and tear out this page and return to any member of the Parish Council: or Debbie Lewis-Pryde of Ridgway House, West Street, OX12 9UL by 16th July.

    You can access this page online here TELEPHONE BOX survey 2021

    Or simply photo/scan your hard copy version and send to

    clerk.childreypc@aol.co.uk with subject title ‘phone box library’.