• 29 MAR 17

    which runs from the bottom of Sincombe Hill on the B4001 and runs east towards Windmill Hill, a length of approx 2 miles. The second section of byway runs from the back of Letcombe Regis Village Hall up the hill and straight across the “muddy crossroads” to the B4507. A byway is a public highway which is open to all vehicles which must be street legal vehicles ie taxed and insured.


    Since the Ridgeway was closed to vehicles a few years ago, the 4 x4’s and motor cycles have taken to using other routes for their enjoyment including Green Lane.   Unfortunately this has wrecked havoc with the surface of the tracks making it virtually impossible for any walkers, cyclists or horse riders to navigate safely.  These vehicles have left very deep muddy ruts in the tracks which fill with water and are very slippery. Some of the ruts are up to 2 foot in depth. Over the last 4 or 5 years the Countryside Team from Oxfordshire County Council has made efforts to repair the track but unfortunately it has not lasted and will not work as long as the vehicles keep using the track.

    From a safety point of view, some of the sections of the track are extremely narrow and it is impossible for a vehicle and a walker/cyclist/horse rider to pass. This has meant that all other users of the tracks have had to move into the neighbouring fields. There have been several reports of horses being badly spooked by the motorbikes.  In their defence, some of the motor bike riders do turn their engines off and try to be courteous.  However, this is not resolving the issue of learning to share a space that is meant for the enjoyment of all.

    It has been suggested that the track could be repaired (if there is any money in the County Council’s budget) and a six month winter closure put on the track. The vehicles and motor bikes would then be able to use the tracks in the summer when less damage would be caused.

    There is currently a ”Slow Down for Horses Campaign” going on; most horse riders are only too pleased to be able to get off the roads and ride on bridleways but if they are not safe to use then they have no option but to stay on the road.

    We want to make this a route for all to enjoy, so if you agree please could you (whether a horserider, walker with or without dogs or cyclist) take time to write an email to Oxfordshire County Council asking for this Green Lane to be restored to a state in which all parties  can enjoy this track SAFELY. Please contact:  Arthur McEwan-James at the Countryside department of Oxfordshire County Council.  If you can add any photographs that is a bonus.  Arthur’s email address is: arthur.mcewan-james@oxfordshire.gov.uk

    Please see the attached website link for further information. https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/what-are-public-rights-way

    This one also makes interesting reading:



    Thank you for your support.